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Our comforting and friendly environment is equipped with ultrasound technology, high quality transvaginal imaging and total healthcare for the requirements of women, referring Specialists, GPs and Midwives.

Our technology means that real time images of babies can be obtained and recorded giving parents a view of baby’s features well before delivery. These images can then be sent to your smart phone via text or email which you can then share with family or on social media if desired.

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Images are reviewed and reported by Obstetrician/Gynaecologists with special training in ultrasound. This means that ultrasound findings are reported in the context of the patient’s gynaecological and obstetric background, providing the best possible care, tailored according to each woman’s presenting problem.

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We offer highly specialised ultrasound examinations to check for tubal patency, uterine cavity anomalies and pelvic floor pathology. X-ray free, microbubble water gel infusions are used to assess tubal patency. Saline infusion sonography is used for uterine cavity assessment and 3D/4D tomographic sonography is employed to assess pelvic floor pathology.

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